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On the Threshold - click for excerpt of "The Applicant"Fiction

My short story The Applicant first appeared in On The Threshold: Writing Toward The Year 2000, Beach Holme Press, Vancouver, 1999. You can even read a review, courtesy of the Edmonton Journal.

The Drowning
This is a novel in progress. Sample an excerpt, if you are so inclined.


  • Army of Lovers, my spoof on feminism, was first performed at Threshold Theater’s Direct From Kingston Festival in February 1994 where it sold out three of five performances. It was also produced in Toronto at Buddies in Bad Times Theatre, Tallulah’s Cabaret in September 1996. Anne Hardcastle directed both productions.
  • Bantering the Unanswerable was originally performed at a conference in Kingston, Ontario in 1991. It went on to earn the best box office at the Kingston Fringe Festival in October of the same year. Sara Diederichs directed both runs. Bantering then went to the big city (Toronto) in October 1992 for Nightwood Theatre’s Eighth Annual Groundswell Festival where Lynda Hill directed.

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