Wonder women

This clip says it all. Way to go, Mel. She did it – 100 miles in 27 hours and 20 minutes, roughly. The official results aren’t yet posted. Tina kicked ass too, covering more than 120 km before her metatarsals gave out. She wisely stopped before doing herself permanent damage.

Here they are, admiring Mel’s new 100-miler belt buckle (it’s the same as Tina’s). I don’t aspire to one. I’m quite happy where I am, a mere mortal when it comes to trail running. And yes, I did make it after all. It wasn’t pretty, and it certainly wasn’t speedy, but I did cross the 25 km  finishline (dead last, I’m sure) in four hours and 19 minutes. Mission accomplished. I’m so proud of Mel I could burst. 

6 thoughts on “Wonder women

  1. Kate this so cool about the blogging I will follow along with you. I am so proud of the three of you and running, my hat is off to all of you! great pictures!

  2. Thanks Kate! Couldn’t have done it without your support and the help of our wonderful crew and friends. Especially Tina who prepped me over the course of many months on how to do this race. Peeing on my leg (twice) and running into a metal sign were done all my own …

    Congratulations Kate on your success in your first race! Completing it with malfunctioning lungs is a real accomplishment – well done!

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