I’m a writer, editor, and, most recently, have added university instructor to the list of things I do for money.

Kim and me, on another adventure

It didn’t take long to figure out that I love teaching, so I’m taking the next step and getting my master’s degree. Inspired by John Irving’s term for grad school in The World According to Garp (a place where you gradually learn you don’t want to be a student any more) I decided to keep track of my experiences  in the history program at Toronto’s York University. When I start in September 2012, I’ll be 45.

Along the way, I fully expect to lose my mind and my glasses on a regular basis. In the interests of maintaining sanity, I hope to continue with my strange athletic pursuits: running my first 25 km trail race, looking for another epic swim adventure and who knows what other crazy, ill-conceived test of my questionable mettle.

Join me and my long-suffering wife Kim Henderson, who will no doubt put up with my latest misadventure with her usual good humour, grace and endless patience. I certainly couldn’t do any of this without her.

Enjoy the ride.

Kate Barker

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