Walking the line

    I didn’t think I’d be writing about this. I didn’t know what would rekindle a return to this blog. Finishing my course work last March didn’t do it. Ploughing through 240 books on my comps list over nine months didn’t do it. Writing  my comps exams in November and passing the oral didn’t do it. This did it. These faces. This was taken late last week on the chimneystack picket line. This is Chelsea and Erica. Before last week I would have called them my fellow PhD students in history. Today I call them my fellow Unit 1 members of Cupe 3903. They have been marching the picket line from the start, two weeks ago tomorrow. I’ve only been at it since last Tuesday, when I got back to the country from a six day visit with my parents. Bad timing on my part. This morning we walked the line together again, from 7:30 until 11:30. Most drivers are peaceful, wait for the maximum 2 minutes it takes for us to let them through our picket. Some honk in support. Some wave. Some simply sit quietly with their own thoughts. A few are impatient. Irritated. Some engage with those on car duty – express their frustration. Those on car duty listen and explain and ask for their patience – are infinitely patient themselves. I haven’t volunteered for this job yet. I’m not sure I could do it – especially not after what happened on our line today.

Just before 8 this morning, the man in this car threatend to kill one of our members. A woman. With a gun. We were told he was arrested. Doubtless not for long. Who knows if he was charged. But I suppose that is something. This afternoon, York senate decided that some classes will resume tomorrow – on St. Patrick’s Day.  I fear green beer-fuelled violence and I can’t be the only one. No matter what the issues are, on which side of the argument you stand, no one can want more of what happened on my line today. Apparently, York Univeristy Senate doesn’t feel the same way. Tomorrow morning, we will be back walking the Chimneystack picket line. #cupe3903 #shameonshoukri

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