Piled High and Deep

So, it seems I’m a glutton for punishment. I’ve been accepted into the PhD program in History at York University. I don’t know if I should laugh or cry. I’ve known for a while now. The news came the day we picked up our new kittens from a shelter on Feb.19.

Winston and Clementine - day one

Winston and Clementine were just under eight weeks old then. (Can you tell I got to name them?) Now they are rambunctious four-month old terrors and I’m still grappling with one last essay for my Masters course work while fretting over meeting with my Masters thesis advisor on Monday. So, I decided to blog instead of working on any of these things. I’m letting myself slip. I’ve earned it. My time management skills have been stellar all year long. By time management, I mean that I spent every waking minute working. Pretty much, that’s how I did it. That, and I have an awesome wife. Oh yeah — and I write fast. I may read at the leaden pace of a dyslexic Grade 4 student, but I’m speedy at the keyboard.That rather helps — being a writer and all. So, if nothing else I will breathe life back into this blog over the coming months as I enter a time-honoured tradition of gradual students everywhere — thesis avoidance. Speaking of which, here’s another nauseatingly cute picture of my kittens.

hanging out

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